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Founded in 2008 in Beirut, the Arab Center for Architecture (Association for the preservation and dissemination of modern Arab built heritage) is a non-profit organization addressing modern urban design, architecture, design, and planning in the Arab world.

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2015 Program: Revealing Architecture

In 2015, the Arab Center for Architecture is organizing a program to raise awareness on urban and architectural modern heritage in Lebanon.

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Research Center

By gathering, sorting, and making its resources available to the public and the research community, ACA is aiming to serve as a platform for diffusing documentation and information about architecture and the urban environment in the Arab World.

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Hotel Carlton, 1957
Beirut, Lebanon
Architects: Karol Schayer, Wassek Adib, Bahij Makdisi
Demolished in 2008
Photo: Naltchayan
Electricité du Liban Headquarters, 1965-72
Beirut, Lebanon
Architects: J. Aractingi, J.N. Conan, J. Nassar, P. Neema
Drawing: J.N. Conan
Villa Zaven Hadichian, 1966
Awkar, Metn, Lebanon
Architect: Grégoire Sérof
Drawing: G. Sérof
Chalet Raja Saab, 1952
Ouzai, Lebanon
Architect: Ferdinand Dagher
Disfigured with the civil war
Photo: L. Fattal
Villa President C. Chamoun, 1955
Saadiyat, Lebanon
Architects: Assem Salam with G. Rais, T. Canaan
Demolished in the 1990s
Drawing: A. Salam Architects

Set of 16 postcards

This set of postcards from architecture archives was produced for the exhibition Modern Design and Architecture in the Arab World: the Beginnings of a Project, held in Beirut at Villa Salem (Otium) in May 2013. Postcards are available at the ACA.

Projects & Activities

By developing a wide range of activities, the ACA aims to build on the growing sense of awareness towards the built environment. It seeks to shed light on modern architecture, urban and landscape design, targeting the recognition of modern heritage.

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Architecture Archives

Architecture archives document Architecture, its history, its practice, its practitioners; they constitute a wealth of information.  ACA’s main mission is to collect, preserve, diffuse and make architecture archives accessible to the research community and to the interested public.
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موقع مموّل من الاتحاد الأوروبي

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